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Web Design and IT Development Services

All of our web designers have professionals and holds global experiences in graphic design and several years experience. Each website is custom designed to match your business perfectly.

Affordable Website Design
Our websites are not only highly customized and unique to every business, but also very affordable With over 15 years of experience, online marketing skills and advanced programming services you can’t go wrong with us

Specialty Services:
The following are just a few of the many types of websites we can build. Basically if it’s online, we can design it, build it, host it and promote it. With a long list of happy customers and many top ranking sites, we have earned our spot as one of the leading web design firms in the world.

  • wordpress
    Custom WordPress Design , development and customization. We can create a custom design and make your WordPress blog look just like it. We also have highly skilled developers that can bring your site up to date and add that custom touch you always wanted. For example, we can turn your WordPress website into an online community, a classifieds or even a social network.
  • joomla-icon
    Custom Joomla! Design , Joomla! is an amazingly powerful content management system that we have been using for many years. We can design almost any kind of website using this software. Let us design a best website for you and give you full control over your content.
  • dwlogo
    Custom coded websites . Need something truly custom developed from scratch? We have over 16 years of web development experience and use various high-end software, along with custom hand coding, to make sure your site is top notch.

web development

Web development

Our web developers are second to none and have developed very complex online applications for various types of online and offline tasks.

Web Developers with Over 15 Years Experience!

Our web developers can develop complex website applications that can help your business run more efficiently online. You will have direct contact with your project manager, designer, web developer and anyone else on your development team, via our secure on-site ticket support system. All our developers have at least 15 years of hand coding experience in various programming languages.

Here are just a few of the programming languages we work in:

WordPress Programming CSS
XHTML Flash Action Script
JavaScript Java
ColdFusion MySQL
ASP/ VBScript
  • ecommerce
  • Ecommerce Website Development flexibility to any genre is to any genre is always welcome. Online world was supported and enthralled in a great way with the induction of E-Commerce Website development with priority. Technology today has maintained a quality rhythm by which using your website as a business lead gainer is quite easy. E-Commerce is the way for it. Some of the most important domiciles for E-Commerce Solutions are as follows:
  • shoppingcart
    Shopping Cart Transactions
  • Almost everyone must have visited a website to buy products online. Online payment option is making its presence as the best and fastest method for paying. Shopping Cart Transactions inducts the same with a niche for all the customers who love to shop.
  • internet-marketing-image
    Internet Marketing and Affiliate Business
  • Marketing is the strongest strategy that has been looked by E-Commerce in best ways as it enhances the transfer of assets and inducts affiliate business proposals. This is interconnected to each other and holds an important place in your span online presence.
  • seo
  • These are two of the most important aspects of E-Commerce Solutions for which it is used widely. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SEA means Search Engine Advertising. First is used to enhance the traffic on your website.
  • img_banner_mobile
    Payment Gateway Processing
  • E-Commerce Solutions simply means money transfer and transactions. This can enhance the working genre of your website in all dimensions. Bringing the liquid money in actual terms makes it a better place to make your business flow and convenient paying os for clients.
  • ecommerce12
  • E-Commerce Solutions are induced with software that automatically builds and designs with a professional cadre. Money process getting induced in your website means a background where you need to mainline security essentials for customers. Verify Sign and some other secure payment gateways are used in E-Commerce Solutions as the primary inclusions. Seasoned veterans are not required when you have E-Commerce Solution packages from the expertise team of software builders. You are the internet merchant by your choice and optimized performance of your website is raised by default with money transactions. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the need of E-Commerce Solution. Many websites do not actually need the service and hence getting a solution without prior research is a hasty decision. Customers and clients are the main priority of your website. Lead generation is surely possible with E-Commerce Solutions and makes a strong point for all. Making all your dreams come true for a successful online business, E-Commerce Solutions provides the cutting edge accessibility and flexibility to people.


Logo Design Services

Our logo design services come with 4 concepts and unlimited revisions so you are 100% satisfied

Custom Logo Package

Logo will include:

  • 4 unique, very high-quality concepts
  • Considerable revisions
  • Multiple formats for print and web
  • Full copyright goes to you
  • 100% unique artwork
  • Phone consultation if required


Online marketing

We have over 15 years of online marketing experience, so we can handle any project you have. Online marketing entails many different areas of online advertising, some of which include the following:

  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • App Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Top search rankings equal more relevant traffic, clients and business. Although every web site we build already includes basic on-site search engine optimization, this may not be enough for competitive and hard to rank keyword phrases
Our SEO method is simple. We will take care of everything for a low setup cost and a flat fee every month. We provide the following services for SEO.

Keyword Research
We will research and generate a report of keywords your targeted audience is searching for, and then consult with you to choose your desired keywords.

One of the key components of ranking well is the amount of links pointing to your website. These links essentially act as a vote for your website. We will conceptualize and launch a backlink popularity campaign for your site. This also ensures that all the major search engines will visit and index your site. You DO NOT need to perform a search engine submission.

Web Site Structure
We will structure your web site to be more friendly to search engine visits. Some techniques include optimized Meta and Title tags, link accessibility and externalized CSS and Javascript files. This module is included in all websites we build.

Relevant Content Writing
We will develop and/or edit your web content. This is a critical area that many web designers overlook as search engines routinely rank web sites with original and relevant content higher.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEM, refers mainly to the text ads that appear at the top or on the right hand columns of search engine results. It may also include identifying and placement of optimized ads on relevant high traffic web sites with the sole purpose of capturing click through traffic to your own web page

PPC Research, Setup and Maintenance
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising offers an immediate route to top search results. PPC ads are an advertising method whereby we bid on keywords and key phrases, that will then be displayed on Google and Yahoo!
All PPC costs are payable to Google and/or Yahoo. Maintenance fees may apply if you require us to maintain and monitor your account to ensure the best ROI for your advertising dollars.
We will research and compile a list of relevant sites that make good advertising sense. These ad campaigns will drive targeted and relevant traffic to your web site.

Advertising Opportunities Research
We will research and compile a list of relevant sites that make good advertising sense. These ad campaigns will drive targeted and relevant traffic to your web site.

  • Software Solutions

    OCP is an overseas database software solution company. We offer customized database integration, web growth freelancing services. Our application based program alternatives has been in the market of software companies and has been more than 5 years total experience of overseas software development growth. We not only let the customers know the most officially contemporary web system design rather we also describe a contemporary techniques to use it deferentially.

    Our Professional Application Program Group has designed some worldwide stage Web Programs and Application. The key aspects of our achievements are our workers and clients. We are people focused company as mentioned in our objective and principles. We are able to offer you with real progression as we are comfortable with the planning of no cost techniques along with the best of contemporary ideas and designs to offer the best equaled solutions.

    This makes sure that you get contemporary and simultaneously cost-effective and scalable solutions. OCP allows to create your organization to mysterious stages with the help of following web solutions –

    • Content Management
    • Enterprise resource planning
    • Accounting Software
    • Software Maintenance
    • Classic Website Solution
    • Catalog Solution
    • Document Management
    • Custom Development
    • Shopping Island Solution

    Our solutions not only perform better regularly but also customized to every client. This is one important aspect that makes us take a place out from the rest of the wrap up and gets us before our competitors. Regardless of what the design of your website, we have the right and most possible of solutions positioning out around to be discovered.