Opening A Company In The USA

Building a company of your own is not an easy task, specifically if it’s abroad. The US is a busy country and has so many races surviving there because of its acceptance towards young companies and startups. If you are living outside the US and wish to start a company in the US (either to open a US bank account and/or merchant account, open a physical US branch or any other thing), then this article has created this step-by-step resource to explain this process accurately, show you exactly what you need and how this article can assist you. You might want to learn that the term Incorporate Means to form a Corporation While the term Form an LLC means to form a Limited Liability Company(LLC) which is further explained below. Business entities are asked to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)


To create a Corporation (Inc) in the United States, we will firstly file documents called Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation as a legality. If you’re looking for an LLC version of these documents, they are called Articles of Organization or Certificate of Organization (these documents may have different names depending upon whatever state you select). Also, the term entity is picked to describe a business that is not an individual and can apply either to a Corporation or an LLC both. You can be opening your company in the US from India as well.

If you’re wondering how to start a business in California then you may search for the appropriate idea first by looking into the area’s most sold stuff, have constructive plans and register your business. To Register a business name in Texas hire a professional Registered Agent for this and File the Articles of Organization with the Texas Division of Corporations.


Here are the steps you may require to set up in any city of the US.

Choose Which Type of Business Entity you want to Form: Corporation or LLC

Pick the State to Form Your Corporation or LLC

Fill the Requirements to Form a Corporation or LLC in the USA

After Forming a US Corporation or US LLC

Maintaining Your US Corporation or US LLC


  1. Choose Which Type of Business Entity you want to Form: Corporation or LLC


If any of the owners of the company (known as Shareholders of Corporations and Members Of LLCs) are not officially US Citizens, then there are options for you to form either a Corporation (also called a C-Corporation Or Regular Corporation) or an LLC. There’s one more entity type known as S-Corporation but that entity requires all shareholders to be US Citizens.


  1. Pick the State to Form Your Corporation or LLC


In the US, Corporation or LLC can be formed in any of the 50 States of the country or Washington DC. Whatever state you choose will be depending upon why you are forming the company. Some of the US states are more business-friendly or international-friendly than others, specifically Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming. Registering a company in Delaware is comparatively more feasible than other states.


  1. Requirements to Form a Corporation or LLC in the USA

Once you’ve concluded what type of company you’d like to form and which state you will be forming the company in, there are only a few basic requirements you might need.

These include:

  1. Choose your Company a Name
  2. Get a Registered Agent
  3. Arrange Names and Addresses of the People/Companies Involved (Officers, Directors, Members, etc.).
  4. Federal Employer Identification Number (not necessary)
  5. Apostille or Certificate of Authentication (not necessary)


  1. After Forming a US Corporation or US LLC


After your Corporation or LLC has been filed, there are other tasks you might want to do typically depending upon your requirements and the purposes of your US company.

  1. Arrange a US Physical Business location or Virtual Office address
  2. Get a US Bank Account for non resident
  3. Get a Bank Account in Your Home Country as well
  4. Get a US telephone Number
  5. Construct a Website and Company Logo
  6. Get a US Merchant Account (to Accept Credit Cards)


  1. Maintaining Your US Corporation or US LLC


Maintaining your Corporation or LLC in the US is fairly easy, you might only need to:

  1. File an Annual Report.
  2. Maintain a Registered Agent.
  3. Meet Your Home Country Requirements punctually
  4. Pay US Taxes following legal requirements (if required).


  1. International Tax Planning – to ensure all domestic and overseas tax and legal compliances related to disclosure and tax filing/payments are done properly with prior planning under FATCA, FEMA, IRS/RBI, DTA treaties, Transfer Pricing etc

The United States has a complex system of federal, state, and local levels of taxation. And when surveyed it looks the Organization for International Investment, CFOs of US subsidiaries of foreign businesses agreed that improving the tax system is the number-one action that would strengthen the United States as an investment location. So we think we can comfortably say that the US tax system is one aspect of doing business in the United States that requires careful navigation. Further, current debates regarding US tax policy and reform and ever-evolving legislative activity combine to create a challenging environment for companies doing business in the United States¾but also unique opportunities. We have experienced in taxes for non US Companies with Substantial US operation,  particular challenges and opportunities . It is often frustrating, but always rewarding, to overcome the confusion and complexity, and identify the critical insights that will enhance business performance and effectively manage risk. OCP Biz has extensive experience in regard to US operations of foreign businesses to provide a broad understanding of the basic tax implications of business operations in the United States, as well as to offer helpful observations into the tax consequences for foreign companies.  We believe we can serve you better and save lot of hassle to do proper tax planning.

Doing business is foreign company can become a piece of cake, if you comply with all legal compliances. As professional services, we provide you A to Z service from Opening a company in USA to filling all your taxes. We give you advices as and when required. Need a tax expert advice please contact us



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